Who Drives Digital Adoption?

We asked Chief Information Officers with decades of IT experience Peter Taylor and Luc Roy, Does the procurement of new technology truly help transform a business and many many more questions, on this very exciting and candid linkedin live session full video here

One insight, driving digital adoption is primarily the role of business owners and not the “IT Department”; Just like staying healthy is your job but when you are sick you go to the doctor, IT is mainly responsible for diagnosing problems and dealing with exceptions, the effort of doing the work everyday to drive effective digital adoption is the role of the business unit. 


Neha Singh

Neha is a serial entrepreneur, a small business advocate and the founder of a digital first lean training and digital adoption consulting firm head-quartered in Sudbury, ON, Canada focussed on helping carefully chosen Technology Adoption teams achieve project success. Neha’s passion for digital adoption in the mining sector and giving back to the not-for-profit sector has led her to establish the Mining Technology Conference, which has donated over $100,000 to non-profits all over the world since it’s inception in 2018; Neha is a fun-loving, adventurous spirit who thrives in immersing herself in the operational culture of the organizations she is helping manage change for. In addition to her fun-loving zest for life Neha believes in curiosity, clarity and candor as her top three values to live her life by.

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