What is Digital Adoption?

If you ever wished you had more time at work to build a clone of yourself to do those tasks only you can uniquely do, Digital Adoption (if done right) may be the answer for you. So what is digital adoption and why should you as a business owner care about it? We define Digital Adoption (also known as Technology Adoption) as the uptake of key user (your employee) behaviours to get the intended value (increased revenue or reduced costs) out of any software purchase. Most businesses do not fully understand the potential positive impact to their business operations, when they are buying particular technologies, so they end up paying for the software and are typically satisfied by a marginal improvement in their day to day operations.

Businesses should care educate and inform themselves about digital adoption for the following reasons:

  1. Digital Adoption is the fastest way to boost your business’ competitiveness & relevancy in today’s marketplace. If you are not leveraging the latest in digital technology, your competitors are definitely doing this.
  2. A recent study by the BDC suggests that only 1 out of 20 businesses  uses their digital technology (software) effectively. Think about it, are you part of this statistic, have you bought technology recently that you are paying for but just a little unsure about the measurable benefits you are getting out of it?
  3. If you are a private Canadian business (excludes franchises and realtors) who has made more than $500k in revenue in any of the past 3 tax years – there is non-repayable funding available for you to build out a more thoughtful plan and strategy to take advantage of the funding.
  4. In addition to the above, you can get up to $100k as an interest free loan to implement the technology plan designed by a company such as who has been doing this work for over a decade.
  5. Businesses also get $7,800 in non-repayable grants to hire students to do basic digital advancement work that is often needed when you get started on implementing this plan to use a technology better.
  6. believes that technology should always result in measurable improvements which results in your people being more efficient (so they have time to do other more value added work) or increase revenue (so they are able to unlock revenue generation opportunities for the business) and make better decisions (with better transparency of data).

Here are some Results we have helped our clients achieve with Technology aka Digital Adoption Projects

  1. Reduced Time to Hire by 50%
  2. Increased Mine Production Output by 20%
  3. Eliminated the Need to Switch ERP or CRM Systems
  4. Improved Equipment Utilization Times by 46%
  5. Reduced Employee Onboarding Time by 50%
  6. Increased number of filled shifts by 40% while decreasing effort by 30%

Broad Categories of Digital Adoption Projects Involve

  1. Point of Use Data Entry – Using any software to enter data directly into the software application. e.g. ERP, CRM, Task Management, Project Management, SAP, Short Interval Control etc.
  2. Cross Site / Inter-office Team Communication –Speed Up communication through, chat, calendar sharing, location tracking etc. e.g. MS Teams, Google Workspace, Webex Teams etc.
  3. Decision Support – Using computed data to make faster and more accurate decisions from data out of any of the above systems using a business intelligence tool like Power BI, Crystal Reports, Internal Application Reports
  4. Digital Marketing & E-Commerce – Involves adoption of a variety of digital marketing tools such as CRM, Google Ads, Website Upgrades, Online Stores such as Shopify etc.

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Neha Singh

Neha is a serial entrepreneur, a small business advocate and the founder of a digital first lean training and digital adoption consulting firm head-quartered in Sudbury, ON, Canada focussed on helping carefully chosen Technology Adoption teams achieve project success. Neha’s passion for digital adoption in the mining sector and giving back to the not-for-profit sector has led her to establish the Mining Technology Conference, which has donated over $100,000 to non-profits all over the world since it’s inception in 2018; Neha is a fun-loving, adventurous spirit who thrives in immersing herself in the operational culture of the organizations she is helping manage change for. In addition to her fun-loving zest for life Neha believes in curiosity, clarity and candor as her top three values to live her life by.

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