Career Opportunities

Technology Research Analyst is a digital adoption firm that believes that technology should always achieve measurable results. The main purpose of this role is to help the Digital Adoption Customer (from a wide range of industries) decide on potential technology options and identify pricing, timing and a recommendations and options document on how to make this real.  For them to decide on the potential technology options, we need to ensure that the existing technologies they are using are used to the full potential. So this task is split into two categories,

    1. Existing technology – where the main focus is understanding what the users do not like / appreciate about the technology (usually done through a survey) and how to decide on whether to keep, upgrade or replace the system.
    2. New Technology – If the customer has identified a specific need for new technology we need to decide which of the customer’s jobs will be done using the new technology system (identified through 1 on 1 meetings with the client). i.e. what will they no longer have to do that they do now or what is going to be done better.

In either case, the following information needs to be researched

  1. The researcher will be provided with:
    1. Technology name and the nature of the business and a general idea of what’s not working with the current technology or what features the company would like to leverage from the technology.
    2. Survey results pertaining to technology options from a project.
  2. Major Deliverables:
    The researcher will provide the company with:

    1. Technology information sheet – pricing – how to buy – what the support costs are – what kind of reviews they have from which kind of users etc.
    2. Popular use cases – which identify who else uses this software for what purpose – details on how to book a meeting with them to learn the possibilities and limitations.
    3. What specific measurable benefits have people achieved by using this technology.
    4. A list of company specific priorities/ use cases for the software and a map to how that software does or does not meet those criteria and specifically how and what the measurable value of leveraging specific features might be e.g. 5 minutes per application saved etc.
    5. Full presentation with a list of recommendations of which option to go with.
  1. The tough stuff:
    1. We don’t have easy access to the vendors so you have to hustle to get meetings and details to answer the specific questions you might have.
    2. You will have to dig through the survey results and questions to better understand and interpret and clarify what you need and decide on which users you would like to interview.
    3. The client doesn’t always know what they want super clearly but they often know what they don’t like about their current system and what they wish might be different, you have to identify how to solve this problem.
    4. Booking meetings to fit everyone’s schedules is always a problem, if you meet with the vendors on your own – please record sessions then prepare customized presentations to the customers.
  2. Timelines
    1. You have no more than 2 weeks to deliver on this, with progress updates provided twice a week to let us know the progress you have made.
  3. Definition of Done and Success
    The client has been provided with a list of answers to all their questions and / or they have acknowledged the completion of the goal with documented deliverables under point #2 fully vetted.

This role is a part time role located anywhere – with expectations of check ins for Tues and Thurs 8am morning huddles – for quick updates.

This role is suited to a student, with pay being $16-$20 an hour for 0-40 hours every 2 weeks, based on a flexible schedule per research project.

In order to apply please send the following to ;

  1. Your resume including any relevant work experience.
  2. A video introduction telling us a little about you and your relevant skills.
  3. A link to your LinkedIn profile if you have one.