Becoming an Effective Supervisor

Almost 50% of employees are disengaged in many of today’s businesses. That increases the risk of productivity losses, safety issues, quality slippage and especially job satisfaction. These risks result in real costs for business leaders. Studies indicate that the most important influence on daily engagement is that of a front line supervisor. This session will help you to recognize the importance of being a more positive model as a supervisor or leader in order to have more engaged and productive team members.


Supervisors, managers and leaders in organizations with employee turnover or disengaged employees. Ideal for supervisors in a service or construction industry.
Anyone who wants to create and maintain engaged and committed employees, based on a clear understanding of their individual sources of motivation.


Includes Talent Insights Assessment.

It will help you to understand your own behaviours and motivation as well to connect better with those who you interact with. To view a sample assessment, visit Insights.