Lean Projects

Speed Up Recruitment

The current problem facing Kerry’s Place withrespect to the recruitment and screening process is that the time to hire takes too long, is inconsistent and involves too many steps. Collecting data enabled the Steering Committee to understand what would indicate an improved state and began the conversation about the opportunities that would allow the reduction of the overall process.

Operational Assessment Case Study

Sims Custom Woodworking

Sims Custom Wood Working is a manufacturing company that fabricates and installs post form laminate, beveled edge laminate and solid countertops. They also sell a variety of sinks including under-mount sinks which have seen increased demand recently. Sims requested Operational Assessment, funded by Fednor SMART productivity assessment program. Upon completion of the operational Assessment PACE. was able to identify and recommend Actions in order to reduce customer wait times and improve productivity. 

Assessment Programs, Process Improvement in the Community Service Sector

Roxane Zuck Monarch Recovery Services

Roxanne Zuck, Program Supervisor, from Monarch Recovery Services, identified that the Pregnancy Parenting Outreach Program (PPOP) assessment process was taking a long time. Roxanne decided to take action in order to reduce the time it took to perform the assessment. By using Green Belt/Productivity Leader tools, an informed problem statement was developed and a scope of work was identified. The background information and current conditions were then analyzed in order to create clear goals. This led to successfully overcoming this challenge, saving time for all stakeholders and eliminating waitlists for clients.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® at Nipissing Mental Health Housing and Support Services

Planning with PACE.Project

LEGO® Serious Play® was used at a Nipissing Mental Health Housing and Support Services (NMHHSS) North Bay Program Planning session in order to bring multiple mental health partners in the North Bay community together, working on the same project. The LEGO® Serious Play®   methodology allowed all stakeholders to effectively illustrate their point of view in a comfortable setting. It was successful in that it aided in bringing people from different employment backgrounds together to break down barriers and come to mutual agreements on a collaborative housing project to keep the individuals using the service at the forefront of the planning.

Lean Implementation in Health Care Using Value Stream Mapping

Melanie Briscoe & Shaen Gingrich North East Specialized Geriatric Center

North East Specialized Geriatric Service Center (NESGC) is a healthcare provider who delivers specialized care for older adults with complex health needs throughout northeastern Ontario. NESGC used the PACE Lean approach to tackle 2 specific challenges clinicians were faced with. By using a variety of tools including an A3 assessment, Gemba walk and value stream mapping session, NESGC was able to identify the root cause of their problems, collect data and make an informed decision on how to identify and reduce waste in their workplace. The project resulted in a significant reduction in patient wait times as well as stress in the environment.

Admission process at SJCCC

St Joseph’s Continuing Care Center

Gayle, Occupational Therapist / Patient Flow Coordinator, and Josiane, RPN/RAI coordinator, identified an area of improvement in one of the processes at St Joseph’s Continuity Care Center. Staff used process improvement tools such as a Root Cause Analysis and Process Map in order to identify areas of waste. Once areas of waste were identified, a set of goals were outlined which lead to the elimination of waste in the process and a reduction in the time taken to carry out the process.

Canadian Mental Health Association

Chantal Makela and Tina Ranta

Tina Ranta Manager of Harm Reduction Home and Chantal Makela Manager of Administrative Services from the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)- Sudbury/Manitoulin, worked together to address the limited access clients had to agency services. By using Lean productivity tools Tina and Chantal where able to collect and analyze data in order to create a clear goal and successfully address their problem statement. By implementing a pilot program, it was confirmed that there was a need for greater access to care.

ALC Days waiting for Bedded Rehab at SAH

Dana Corsi

Dana, Project Coordinator, from North East Specialized Geriatric Center used Lean tools, including an A3, Root Cause Analysis and Spaghetti Diagram to collect and analyze data concerning the identified challenge of reducing ALC days waiting in acute care for a bed within the Sault Area Hospital (SAH) Assess & Restore Unit. Once the problem was identified and data was analyzed a goal to address was outlined using Lean productivity tools and a pilot program was successfully executed

Filling Open Shifts

Bruce Drake

When determining what the problem statement should be, it was found that There were 10-15 sick calls per day which took, on average, 20 phone calls to fill one shift. It was also found that calls were being made to fill shifts on the same day. Staff indicated that if they were notified prior to the day the shift needed to be filled they would be more available.