Announcing Our New COO – Beckie Gallardi


Sudbury, ON – PACE.Global is thrilled to announce the appointment of Beckie Gallardi as our new Chief Operating Officer (COO). With a remarkable career spanning over two decades, Beckie brings a wealth of experience as a distinguished leader in Human Resources, specializing in evidence-based continuous improvement solutions. Her transition to COO is a seamless and exciting one, underscoring her unique journey with PACE.Global, having started as a valued client. Beckie’s insightful perspective positions her to understand the transformative impact of PACE’s solutions firsthand.

A native of northern Ontario, Beckie’s journey commenced after graduating from Nipissing University with a BA in psychology. Her career took her to the Alberta oil sands in 1999, where she contributed to surface mining operations until her return to her hometown of North Bay, Ontario in 2005. During this time, she dedicated herself to serving various local organizations, including underground mining, transportation, and public and private entities, enriching her experience and expertise.

PACE.Global – Leading the Way

As a pioneering force in operational excellence and change management services for the mining industry, PACE.Global has remained steadfast in its mission to serve large mining giants by focusing on Operational Excellence and Change Management. CEO Neha Singh reaffirms our primary business is, and continues to be, dedicated to global mining companies.  “Our primary business is with global mining companies, but we felt an obligation towards our local communities,” SIngh explains. “In order to help northern Ontario businesses not just survive but truly thrive, we are committed to providing them with affordable solutions to modernize their operations,” she continued.

A Sneak Peek into the Future: Digital First

In a visionary step, PACE.Global is excited to offer a glimpse into the future with the creation of Digital First, a division committed to fostering innovation and maximizing efficiency in modern business operations. Led by our newly appointed COO, Digital First promises to revolutionize how businesses adapt to the rapidly changing landscape and thrive in an environment where putting people, business, clients, and customers first is paramount.

“Digital First is set to provide custom, digital-assisted solutions, making operational excellence accessible in a fraction of the industry-standard time and cost, thanks to a proprietary methodology based on global best practices,” says Gallardi.

Stay Tuned for More

For further information about Digital First and the services it offers, please visit our website. Additional updates and official launch details for Digital First will be revealed on November 7th.