Webinar 1 of Series: Lean Construction

Our first speaker, Carla Ciepliski has over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing industry and has focused the past eight years dedicating herself to the challenges commonly seen in the construction industry. Ciepliski says too often, the construction has to choose between two of the three options of time, quality and cost. She says cost and time often outweigh quality, however with lean you can have your cake and eat it too. She adds with Lean with way of thinking, you can add two more options, sustainability, and safety. The most eye-opening part of her presentation came from the definition of efficiency. While many of you had some great answers, it turns out, efficiency doesn’t quite cover it all, but effectiveness does. You can learn more during her fantastic presentation.

Next, we had the privilege of hearing from second speaker, Susan Reinhardt. Susan has been managing high profile projects for years including a four-billion-dollar university in Saudi Arabia! As a consultant both here and abroad, her experience was invaluable to the webinar. One of the most important subjects she touched on has to be, project managers spend half their time figuring out problems instead of actually managing the project. She also brings a fresh perspective to how Lean applies to every aspect of the construction process including how to get multiple stakeholders to buy in and keep change positive!

Watch the full Webinar here:

PACE Global is proud to have hosted this outstandingly informative and pertinent webinar and we are hoping to have more! Stay tuned and keep up with us on social media and our website, pace.global for more upcoming events including more Lean in Construction Webinars later this spring! If you want to know more about Lean and how to apply it to your workplace, PACE can customize our teaching to fit your needs. We are all about making you and your company more efficient without cutting staff.


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