Huddle Boards

Huddle boards are a hot item these days across organizations both in the public and private sector and so they should be! A sure fire way to improved employee engagement and productivity. If you’re thinking about implementing a huddle board, we invite you to join us before you do.

Key Deliverables

Part 1: Defining Huddle Boards

What is a Huddle board?
Huddle boards are a mechanism for employee engagement. They serve as a tool for operational excellence that enhances employee engagement by promoting a culture of discussing daily improvements challenges and celebrating success.

What do Huddle boards help to achieve?
Better teamwork, improved communication and solving problems before they become issues.

In part one of the Huddle Board Series, we gained knowledge about different types of huddle boards and the tools required to implement them.

Part 2: The Dos and Don’ts

If you are thinking about implementing a Huddle Board you have to watch this FREE webinar series first.

In Part 2 of PACE Huddle Board webinar series, we discuss the typical challenges faced when huddle boards are implemented.

You will love Neha’s expert advice and passion for this improvement tool as she walks you through the dos and don’ts of huddle board implementation.

Need help with implementation?
PACE Huddle Board Online Training teaches you how to effectively implement huddle boards and engage your entire team.

4 – 2 hour sessions, one week apart courses available for September 7, 14, 21, 28 9:00-11:00am EST.

Why productivity leaders choose pace

Pre Launch: Webinar Training

  • Launch a engagement huddle in your organization.
  • Understand the Critical Behaviours
  • How to prepare your organization (e.g Just Do It Checklist etc.)
  • How to decide on frequency and who should attend
  • How to determine Huddle Board Metrics
  • Determine Organizational roles of who will be responsible for helping move forward

During: Coaching and Implementation

  • Mitigate challenges and ongoing issues on a weekly basis with coaching calls that will help you to:
  • Decide on who to include
  • Prep the crowd to launch
  • Lay out the huddle board
  • Just Do It Checklist implementation
  • Determine metrics

Post Launch: Monitoring and Assessing

  • Determine Criteria for Advancement
  • Monitoring Huddle Board Metrics
  • Assessments for moving to the next level
  • Planning Next Steps
  • Next Course on Next Level of Huddle board