Digital Adoption in Mining

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Course Objectives and Outcomes

Drive Digital Adoption At Your Site

Grasp the significance of digital adoption in mining and how it differentiates from technology deployment

Master The Art of Digital Adoption

Understand the Connect, Actualize and Transform Framework and its strategic tactics

Drive Continuous Improvement

Integrate digital technologies seamlessly into daily operations, monitoring adoption metrics for continuous improvement.

Lead and Manage Projects

Lead pilot projects and change initiatives, guiding teams through change management processes and facilitating training programs.

Enable Data-Driven Decision Making

Foster a culture of innovation and collaboration, driving organizational change and communicating success stories to stakeholders.

5-Week Course Digital Adoption in Mining

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Course Overview


5-Weeks live interactive online workshops focused on your projects. (4 hours per week)

Opportunity for site visits to see digital adoption in action.

Target Audience:

Mining industry professionals, managers, leaders, and technology enthusiasts eager to bolster their digital proficiency and lead transformative efforts within mining organizations.

Key Features:

Site tours.
Learn with hands-on experience.
Live facilitators with 20+ years of experience.
Bring your real-world project.

Course Delivery:

Introduction To Digital Adoption

  • Understanding the Importance of Digital Adoption
  • Overview of the Connect, Actualize, Transform Methodology
  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Digital Adoption Specialist
  • Desire Diagnostics
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