At PACE, we understand that change implementation doesn’t end at the boardroom table. We are your growth partner for on-the-ground activation of change, including:

Change Management

PACE offers proven methodologies that streamline the complex task of managing human-centered organizations. We know that factoring people into change is the first step to success in:


Process Automation in Finance: Using Process Improvement As a Prerequisite

Dive into the essentials of “Process Automation in Finance: Using Process Improvement As a Prerequisite” in our insightful webinar. Learn how refining processes is the key to unlocking the full potential of automation in the finance industry.

Unlocking Organizational Success: The Vital Role of Process Improvement

Discussion on the significance and impact of process improvement on business outcomes.

Identifying Opportunities: How to Spot Processes That Need Improvement

Strategies and criteria for recognizing areas in need of enhancement within your organization – HR FOCUS

Introducing Digital First

Here is what has truly changed and what it means to our current and future customers who are organizations who want to work as one cohesive team regardless of the physical location of their most important assets i.e. your people.

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A leader in digital adoption in the underground mining sector.

A trusted growth partner for organizations undergoing change.

Support positive change in the communities where we operate.

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