Introducing Digital First

The COVID year has enabled businesses like ours to have time to reflect, become stronger and rebuild. survived, thanks to the good graces of the government, some patient partners and some very innovative clients who showed us how the world of work could be a different place, a more connected place, a more collaborative place; PACE has operated with a remote / hybrid workforce for the past seven years and during the crisis our team seized the opportunity to truly disrupt our business model to enhance the customer experience for hybrid/ remote teams to be more connected and enabled with the goal of speeding up the transformation to the next best version of your team.

Here is what has truly changed and what it means to our current and future customers who are organizations who want to work as one cohesive team regardless of the physical location of their most important assets i.e. your people.

1.   Speeding Up The Time It Takes To Deliver High Quality Outcomes – Things like change management assessments that usually take 3-4 weeks of consulting time to deliver can now be delivered in 8-12 hours (spread out over short spurts of time);

2.   Reducing The Cost Of Services – The direct result of point #1 above is the ability to pass on the savings to our customers and greatly reduce the cost of service delivery, in some cases by 75%;

3.   Making Full Use Of The Technology Already In Your Backyard – Often times the technology you already have purchased is under-utilized, we are specialists in identifying the usefulness of the technology to your people and getting them to start using the technology in a way that is meaningful.

4.   Enhance The Digital Dexterity Of Your People – We use our digital adoption expertise to effectively onboard each and every member at every workshop to build a high level of competency with the digital tools and techniques we use to deploy our various workshops.

5.   Build Capacity In Your People To Align And Achieve Your Goals – Once we enhance your digital dexterity, it only helps your people get more confident and comfortable in leading the use of these tools themselves and we are fully set up to make this happen in a quick manner.

The talk of diversity and inclusion is everywhere not only because we have people of all different cultures and backgrounds in the workplace, but also because we live in a much more connected world and our interactions are more varied. The ability to share our knowledge and skills with people globally is at our fingertips, the ability to collaborate is boundless but only if we leverage and embrace the technologies that allow us to do so in a meaningful and useful way. In the next few weeks, will be announcing various products and services that will enhance the experience of the hybrid work environment and specifically the ability to collaborate remotely.

We of course cannot do this alone, over the next few weeks we will be reaching out and connecting with our potential partners, existing clients and partners with the intention of deepening our relationship and finding win-win-win solutions for everyone involved.

To provide you with more tangible examples of how things will be different and to celebrate our Digital First launch we are offering a series of three sixty minute livestreamed micro-learning sessions that will be complete with industry experts, live follow along exercises and knowledge testing quizzes at no cost to you.

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Upon successful completion of the learning requirements we will provide you with a digital button and if you successfully complete all three you will earn your way to a micro-credential of being designated a Digital First Champion. Each of these micro-credentials can be applied to your linkedin and facebook profiles to demonstrate your leadership in being a progressive digital first leader who cares about future-proofing their organization by connecting and enabling your people to help lead any transformation efforts that may come your way.


Join Us on August 24th at 10:30 am eastern time with your team and take advantage of this collaborative learning opportunity that earns you your Digital First Champion Badge!