A Bright Future with Digital First

We are thrilled to announce the creation of Digital First, a groundbreaking division dedicated to fostering innovation and maximizing efficiency in modern business operations.

With our history of effectively applying change management principles and digital adoption to mining giants, we are now extending our support to smaller –virtual/hybrid teams through Digital First. The new division is set to supercharge industries’ vision of success, ensuring certainty in an ever-changing landscape.

Digital First – A Revolution in Business Support

Digital First will provide custom, digital-assisted solutions, making operational excellence accessible in a fraction of the industry-standard time and cost, thanks to a proprietary methodology based on global best practices.

Here is what Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Neha Singh of PACE.Global had to say;

“From small to medium-sized enterprises to multi-billion-dollar organizations, most of our clients had to change their models of operation or service delivery during the pandemic,” Singh stated. “This gave us the privilege of working with many other hybrid/virtual teams to help them effectively adapt their processes to that environment.”

The newly established Digital First division, led by Chief Operating Officer (COO), Beckie Gallardi, a Northern Ontario native, is set to empower virtual/hybrid teams. In the post-pandemic era, hybrid work environments have become the norm, and businesses are adapting to this new reality.

Digital First will focus on applying process and digital efficiency expertise to virtual/hybrid teams, offering solutions for businesses seeking to enhance their operations and put their people, business, clients, and customers first. One unique advantage is the elimination of typical change resistance, as the team that helped design the solution is directly involved in implementing it, increasing productivity and saving valuable time and money.

PACE.Global is the only 100% female-owned, Northern Ontario-approved advisor for the Federal  Canada Digital Adoption Program, which will be fully served by the Digital First division. This funding enhances Digital First Solutions’ economic viability and return on investment.

To Learn More

For further information about Digital First and the services it offers, please visit Digital First


Accelerate your business transformation with us – book a meeting now and revolutionize your operations effortlessly. Please contact: Alice Strachan, Sr. Consultant, Digital First Division

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