Lean Construction Webinar Series: From project to enterprise benefits

When : Apr 29, 2021 1:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Bringing Lean Construction principles to the broader construction industry and organizations, to help them build resilience, communicate, collaborate, and thrive in an ever-competitive industry.

Experts Susan Reinhardt, Carla Ciepliski and Neha Singh share their knowledge, experience and stories of how a Lean methodology – when used effectively – makes the difference in the highly-competitive world of construction projects.
Open forum for discussion to follow.

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Susan Reinhardt

Lean Project Specialist @Reinhardt Lean Design and Consulting

As an architect in California and Colorado, Susan excelled at managing complex projects with multiple stakeholders ranging from a $1.5M mountain library to a $4B university in Saudi Arabia. She soon developed a reputation for rescuing failing projects and bringing order out of chaos, while significantly reducing direct labor costs. She has always nurtured a passion for developing new project management methods so projects will be successful from the beginning and bring maximum value to the client.

As a consultant, Susan provides coaching for facility owners, designers, and contractors on Lean methods for building projects up to $1B, including Tool Install Design in a new semiconductor fabrication plant, pharmaceutical facilities, large historical renovation projects, educational facilities, government buildings, infrastructure projects, healthcare, and more. She has conducted research on better incorporating minority firms on large public projects, helped businesses decide whether and how to enter new markets, and coached leaders on how to implement firm-wide initiatives and better manage their teams.

With International consulting experience in Switzerland, Kenya, and South Sudan, Susan is capable of working in any demanding environment. She remains passionate about helping owners, architects, engineers, and contractors employ lean production strategies that satisfy stakeholders on-time and on-budget, but NOT on holidays or weekends.


Carla Ciepliski

Owner & Consultant @Ternion Results Inc

Carla is an industrial engineer and improvement consultant with 25 years of multi-sector/industry experience including the past 8 years focused in construction and the built environment. She specializes in both strategic and tactical Lean implementation to achieve operational excellence. This includes supporting companies in Lean integration and transformational journeys, facilitating kaizen events and process optimization as well as supporting Lean Project Delivery implementations and coaching front line performance. With her career originating in manufacturing with Procter & Gamble manufacturing, Carla gained specialization in the application of productivity and operational excellence techniques (including Lean Thinking, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, Systems Thinking, etc.) Over the past 14 years, she has been supporting companies across all industries in the application of these in non-traditional environments. She is passionate about energizing and stimulating employees and teams to perform exceptionally, achieve results and exceed expectations. At present, Carla is particularly inspired to fuel the Lean Design & Construction movement in Canada; and is energized by the growing number of companies who are choosing to integrate it into practice.


Néha T. Singh

CEO @PACE.global

For more than a decade, Neha Singh has been leading large scale, transformative change as a project manager in mining, healthcare and provincial business environments; and coaching individuals, companies and organizations in the Lean methodology. Honest and exceedingly loyal, Neha remains conscious of the needs of all stakeholders in taking a goal-oriented, collaborative, no-nonsense approach to ensuring every change is an achievable and sustainable improvement. Neha specializes in facilitation, process improvement, change management, strategic and operational planning. Since founding Timelined Consulting Inc. in 2011 – now renamed PACE.global – Neha and her carefully assembled team of experts have helped their clients realize more than $100 million in savings and achieved two national best practice awards.