Do You Want to Improve your work without interrupting your work

PACE ensures that your team-based improvement efforts deliver quick, measurable results without leaving your desk

Do you have trouble getting others on your team to see the problem from your perspective?

  • “I don’t think anything is wrong with the way things are”
  • “This is just the flavour of the month.”
  • We have too much to do already”
  • But we’ve always done it this way!”
  • If it ain’t broke don’t fix it
  • “This can’t interfere with our day-to-day. We’ve got lots of projects already on the go!”

Solving problems doesn’t have to be a solo sport

Engage and empower your team to make fast, measurable improvements without interrupting your day-to-day work

An easy, engaging & quick approach to operational improvement


Make measurable process improvements in less time with your team driving the change


Enable your team to make improvements as a normal  part of their day-to-day operations


Create a culture of transparent data driven decision making through the use of technology

Process improvement should always be a team event

Operational Excellence can help your current or upcoming project achieve results such as:

  • Time reductions of up to 66%
  • Cost saving that result in the ability to hire additional staff
  • Increased ability to demonstrate value
  • Problems solved in 2-6 months (instead of 2 years)
  • Increased capacity by 30%
  • Reduction in waste

Accelerate improvement throughout your organization

Empower your staff to make rapid improvements leading to a measurable increase in value for the organization


Discuss the problems you are facing with an experienced Operational Excellence consultant


Take our client fit assessment to determine if this service is right for you


Get started and make measurable process improvements with your team right away

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Commonly Asked Questions

How long does this take

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Is your current method of engaging staff in quick process improvement set up for success?

Calculate your Project Success Score to understand your current level of Operational Excellence relative to;

  • Your Problem
  • Your People and
  • Your Organization

Project Success Score

  • Our Project Success Score enables you to see the likelihood of your project succeeding by looking at three areas; The Problem, The People, The Possibilities.
  • You will instantly see your results
  • Don’t worry, a low score doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go forward. It just means you may have to have more focus in certain areas. A high score also does not guarantee success. It lets you know where you are starting
  • Either way, connect with us to further discuss your results

We've scored you against the following key areas:

The Problem

Being able to identify the problem you are tryng to solve, even if you don;t yet know how to solve is key to starting off on the right foot. Having data to measue the problem is key so that improvement is obvious and you can immediately show value for your efforts. It might be that you just need a good data plan or tht you need to spend some time understanding what is truly contributing to the problem.

The People

Process improvement is not a solo sport and engaging staff both in the understanding of the problem and being engaged in maintaining the improvemnt is key our approach engages and excite staff from begining to end.

The Possibilities

Having an organizational culture that sees problem as opportunities for learning and improvemnts is a key asset. Through our collaborative approach to process improvement we can help to build this culture and truly enable organization wide success.

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