What sector is this event for? : Human Services

PACE Productivity Leader Webinar: Get to the Gemba!

PACE Productivity Leader Webinar Series with Dan Draper, PACE Green Belt Coach Dan Draper, discusses “Going to the Gemba” – visiting the place you need to collect data from, creating work plans and collecting data.

Managing Change

Managing Change – how to engage people, deal with the resistance and sustain the change in your workplace with PACE Green Belt Coach, Dan Draper. About the host: Recently retired as the Dean of Health Sciences from Cambrian College, Dan has an extensive background in education and health care. Dan has also lead long term […]

Huddling for Employee Engagement

Huddle boards are a hot item these days across organizations both in the public and private sector and so they should be! A sure fire way to improved employee engagement and productivity. If you’re thinking about implementing a huddle board, we invite you to join us before you do.