Who Is PACE?

PACE is a company that fast forwards your path to digital transformation by leveraging the most important component of your digital strategy which are the people. We have a proven methodology that helped one of our clients unlock an additional $54 million in annual production value for a short interval control project that was implemented for a year.

We are not an EPCM who manages large capital projects or a performance excellence firm who is looking to make slow change. We are at the forefront of a blue ocean, a new industry called digital or technology adoption with our proven methodology in digital adoption designed for the mining sector that matches site specific problems to technology solutions to provide you with an immediate return on your technology investment. 

Projects that take companies 2+ years to do are completed using our agile methodology in 2-6 months with very clear and tangible return on investment. We are the company that creates positive change with predictable results by activating certainty in every thing we do.

PACE is looking to partner with mining companies who are interested in being a leader in revolutionizing mining through leveraging our agile approach to digital adoption. Are you ready to step up your PACE?