Why Does Her Funding Bucket Look Larger than Mine?

One of the most rewarding aspects of working at Timelined is our ability to help more and more non-profits (which includes community service organizations, children’s services, mental health and addictions services, hospitals, school boards, municipalities and other government funded organizations) learn how to do more and serve more people with their limited funds. We do this in a few different ways, and one of them is by helping them build internal capacity for long term sustainable change.

Capacity building is part of our company’s mission statement and if you are a Senior Leader or a board member in the Non-Profit Sector Interested in learning how you can join other non-profits taking their journey to implementing a culture of continuous improvement, engagement and sustainability please attend one of our Executive Bootcamp Sessions in Toronto or Sudbury where you will:

  1. Network with other senior leaders from local non-profit organizations
  2. Learn from practical real-life experiences of your peers and engage in discussion
  3. Be able to decide whether this is a feasible way for you to transform your organizational culture.

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