Feeling Sandwiched? We have a solution to that!

This article is dedicated to all of those managers who currently feel like the meat (and maybe veggies) sandwiched between the front line and the Leadership Team. In our experience implementing change in a multitude of organizations stressed out supervisors/managers who really are the engine of the organization are often the ones that are least supported. Now if you have a stressed boss and are looking for advice on how to deal with that, let me re-direct you to this article on HBR.org;

If you are willing to believe that there is a better way, I invite you to join our team of productivity leaders who have made a difference in their organization. Now these leaders are not all there because they simply feel sandwiched but the productivity leader training definitely helps you understand how to effectively communicate up and engage the front line staff in the process. All of this while actually making workplace improvements!

What is Required from You?

  1. The desire to change your status quo and do things differently
  2. The belief that change is indeed possible (you just believe, we will show you how)
  3. An understanding of the possible improvement projects that you can use as a starting point.
  4. An initial 3 day commitment to being immersed in the course with peers who are looking to make improvements in their workplace.
  5. If you are committed to the above, the rest is easy, here’s a letter to help you convince your boss as to why they need to send you to the training. We’ve highlighted the section where you need to make minor edits; you’ll get the gist.
  6. If you or your boss needs more convincing here are some real life case studies and links to independent news coverage and pre-recorded/ upcoming webinars of our training outcomes.
  7. Once this is done, simply register online or call our office Toll Free 1-844-319-8463 and we can invoice you.

Feeling sandwiched is not the only reason to take our training. We promise that the training will help you get clarity on how to change your situation by giving you a whole new perspective on how you see the world! All this while having fun and building your network of other managers and improvement leaders who will support you in your improvement journey, while you support them back. I will now leave you with a little Lego simulation time lapse video from one of our recent sessions.

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