Turns 11!

This year turned 11 years old, but we have over two decades of Digital Adoption experience!

Our Start:

Over 20 years ago our founder Neha Singh came to Canada with a diploma in software engineering and a passion for what we now call “Digital Transformation.”

The first time she experienced moving from paper to electronic records was helping her father quite literally fight crime. He was stationed as a police officer in a small town trying to stop thefts, and though they had good paper records – nothing was searchable! At the time Neha was learning Oracle, so she designed the relational database, hired someone to enter the data into an Oracle database and designed queries to narrow down the suspect list to help her father stop crime.

Who Is

Now, is the leading mining change management consultancy firm with a team of mining engineers, operational excellence leaders, change designers (think communications and marketing but for your internal stakeholders), and digital adoption specialists (people who quite literally stand beside your people to help them adopt new technology). For each project we undertake, we bring to bear the right mix of mining executives who have over fifteen years of experience in mining operations.

Why do Mining projects and operations choose to partner with us time and time again?

Quite simply, we have a long history of “activating certainty” in mining projects & operation environments. Whether the change involves implementing operational excellence, increasing lateral development rates or activating certainty on zero harm and zero-day delay for mining projects. To provide our mining company partners increased safety and production in operations (Check out our case studies!). Underground mining is our niche, we love it, and we have built a reputation for bringing about positive change by first integrating ourselves with the team, staying out of the way for the most part, and bringing our mining and change management expertise to the table.

We do all of this with our values of curiosity, clarity and candour. If you have ever worked with a PACER – you know we live these values through and through.

So what is it like having PACERs on-site implementing change?

Let’s face it, change is HARD, and most miners will tell you they don’t like it. So, in the past decade through the school of hard knocks, we’ve come to understand and accept that implementing change in the underground mining environment requires THICK SKIN. So, each pacer is trained to bring their curiosity, charming clarity and matter-of-fact candour to every implementation. With slogans like “If this shift is going to be terrible – at least it will be predictably terrible!”. Maybe you won’t fall instantly in love with us (though people often do!), but we know you will by the end.

We are like health coaches for change, except we come to you. We mobilize a bespoke team that through a series of fly-on-the-wall observations helps understand the specific goals, culture, symptoms and the challenges facing the team in achieving the goals. Once we understand the problems and presenting symptoms we use the mining company’s best practices to design a series of routines (think diet & exercise) that we think will help. Just like the last time you started a diet and exercise routine and hated it, we expect that the initial implementation of the new routines will be bumpy, to say the least. We don’t pretend to know exactly how the change will evolve, since we are often working with teams of individuals and the beauty, sometimes, in the type of change we are implementing, is observing how the team dynamics help or hinder the routines we’ve put in place. Our agile approach to designing, implementing and testing change, along with the courage to practice our values of curiosity, clarity and candour allows us to course correct and make strides forward.

The result of all this effort is that our overarching goals are met, the right kind of wiring for change is now installed and your team over time gets better and better at implementing other changes within your operation.

How do you know you need to work with PACE?

  • If you’ve had a large movement of people or processes within your organization affecting more than 10 people.
  • In a mining project environment if you find yourself worried about meeting the project schedule. This often shows up as consistently complaining about contractors, having shaky confidence in meeting your project schedule and a general feeling that something is not quite right.
  • If you find yourself making quarterly excuses for why your lateral development or trucking rates are not where they should be versus having a specific plan to achieving those targets.
  • If your quarterly plan involves working to adjust production targets
  • If you find yourself complaining about how mine X is where “technology goes to die”
  • If you think that certain people will just never buy into a specific technology
  • If you are operating a mining project and complaining about the contractors.

That is when it is time to call PACE

We’ve been there, done that, sold some T-shirts and provided the stickers. In fact, we’ve gotten so good at this that we can complete a “transformation” within 12 weeks all while engaging your team and causing minimal downtime. Also, guess what? You don’t have to teach us about “mining” – talk about a time saver!

The only challenge we have is our capacity – the earlier you come to us to partner on an initiative the more likely we are able to guarantee project outcomes.

So reach out to our team, a PACER will always be happy to book some time to chat – and if you already have a project in mind, take our project assessment.

After 11 years of PACE, we can confidently say that we are the home hardware of management consulting firms, as Home Hardware puts it, “You can do it, we can help!”; In other words, we wholeheartedly believe that your people managing and performing the work are the true experts.

We are simply the experts in consistently getting the best out of your experts.