Author: Neha Singh

Are You An Influencer? I Say Yes You Are!

Today I answered an interesting question in a room full of women from all over the world. Yes, it was an online room, on there were about 12 of us and the group has been initiated by one of the best influencers I have the pleasure of personally knowing Karyn Ross, who is not […]

The Beginning of Something New starts….

Sometimes you find the most interesting sources of inspiration out of nowhere. I was hanging out at the office shared kitchen which we share with MIRARCO and a few cool mining tech companies; Vic Palkanis had generously left a shelf full of belongings he hoped others could use. As I browsed this shelf I came […]

Who Is PACE?

PACE is a company that fast forwards your path to digital transformation by leveraging the most important component of your digital strategy which are the people. We have a proven methodology that helped one of our clients unlock an additional $54 million in annual production value for a short interval control project that was implemented […]

SIC – Safe Informed Crews vs Short Interval Control

The most significant risk to having any worker adopt a new technology is in making sure they understand why it is something they should have a desire to use because it will make their lives better! If you impose SIC without doing so, the impression is likely to be that you are making them use something that they don’t perceive to be useful to their job.

Bringing Lean Home

Northern Ontario — For the first time in Northeastern Ontario, Lean training will be offered locally in an open training format for individuals and organizations with an interest in refining their business processes and making the most of available resources, providing easy access to learning Lean concepts with a significant reduction in time and travel […]

The Art and Science of Engagement

Understanding the needs of your customer is at the core of the Lean Philosophy and our organization has had the good fortune to work with a variety of client groups to better understand what they want. Having completed our 21st client engagement session, here are a few quick tips on how to make an engagement session most […]

Management Training You Wish You Had Years Ago!

All too often organizations get stuck in the same way of doing things. Why does this happen? Simply put, because it is “normal” behaviour. When we try something a few times and it works we tend to keep doing things that way. Entire businesses are built on this premise, why fix something that isn’t broken? Quite often […]

Why Does Her Funding Bucket Look Larger than Mine?

One of the most rewarding aspects of working at Timelined is our ability to help more and more non-profits (which includes community service organizations, children’s services, mental health and addictions services, hospitals, school boards, municipalities and other government funded organizations) learn how to do more and serve more people with their limited funds. We do this in […]

Feeling Sandwiched? We have a solution to that!

This article is dedicated to all of those managers who currently feel like the meat (and maybe veggies) sandwiched between the front line and the Leadership Team. In our experience implementing change in a multitude of organizations stressed out supervisors/managers who really are the engine of the organization are often the ones that are least […]

Transforming Regret into Positive Momentum

Recently on mother’s day we participated in the Sudbury Rocks Relay Marathon with the “We are your PACE” relay team and we had 8 members including myself as the leader. Some thought it would be “cool” for me the leader (who is not a very good runner) to take the last leg of the race as I got to […]

When Your Resource Glass Seems Empty How Can You Possibly Do More?

Organizations are consistently being asked to do more with the same level of resouces which directly translates to doing more with less. Whether you are in the public or private sector, adding customer value, keeping staff engaged while keeping costs low is always a big challenge and a tough balancing act. As consultants we are […]