Author: Taylor Pilotte

A Bright Future with Digital First

We are thrilled to announce the creation of Digital First, a groundbreaking division dedicated to fostering innovation and maximizing efficiency in modern business operations. With our history of effectively applying change management principles and digital adoption to mining giants, we are now extending our support to smaller –virtual/hybrid teams through Digital First. The new division […]

Announcing Our New COO – Beckie Gallardi

PACE.GLOBAL ANNOUNCES NEW CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER BECKIE GALLARDI Sudbury, ON – PACE.Global is thrilled to announce the appointment of Beckie Gallardi as our new Chief Operating Officer (COO). With a remarkable career spanning over two decades, Beckie brings a wealth of experience as a distinguished leader in Human Resources, specializing in evidence-based continuous improvement solutions. […] Turns 11!

This year turned 11 years old, but we have over two decades of Digital Adoption experience! Our Start: Over 20 years ago our founder Neha Singh came to Canada with a diploma in software engineering and a passion for what we now call “Digital Transformation.” The first time she experienced moving from paper to […]

Career or Family: A choice I didn’t have to make.

Family or Career: A choice I didn’t have to make. As a young woman, the idea of starting a family can be terrifying – especially when it comes to your career. There are so many reasons to feel as though it is one or the other, societal pressure, other peoples’ opinions – and often, workplaces […]