Category: Digital Adoption

What is Digital Adoption?

If you ever wished you had more time at work to build a clone of yourself to do those tasks only you can uniquely do, Digital Adoption (if done right) may be the answer for you. So what is digital adoption? and why should you, as a business owner care about it? We define Digital […]

Managing Change by Influence vs Authority

This article discusses, how to implement change solely by Influence when you Lack Authority to make change. If you are interested in an opinion piece on which is better for implementing change influence vs authority – check out this post. If you are interested in learning more about Managing Change by Influence vs Authority this […]

3 Reasons Your Digital Adoption Efforts Fail

With the launch of the new canada digital adoption program, businesses are starting to ask about the crucial role business technology plays in the growth or stagnation of their business. Over the last 10 years or so, we’ve built a solid reputation for being Digital Adoption specialists by helping Sr. Leaders, Technology Managers and Business […]

Who Drives Digital Adoption?

We asked Chief Information Officers with decades of IT experience Peter Taylor and Luc Roy, Does the procurement of new technology truly help transform a business and many many more questions, on this very exciting and candid linkedin live session full video here.  One insight, driving digital adoption is primarily the role of business owners […]