Case Studies

Atlas Copco’s Rod Line Process Improvement

Atlas Copco

George Strydom, Production Flow Manager at Atlas Copco used the four phases of Timelined Consulting Inc.’s lean methodology, Launch, Explore, Achieve and Normalize, in order to identify and eliminate waste in multiple areas of their Rod production line. Using this four phased approach to identifying and addressing challenges in the manufacturing process allowed them to […]

Barrick Gold: Hemlo Shift Schedule Changes

Barrick Gold: Hemlo

On September 18, 2017, Hemlo’s underground (UG) mining operation moved from 10.5-hour shifts with no shift Sunday day shift, to 12-hour shifts, bringing UG operations in line with the open pit and the mill. ISSUE: The move entailed a significant change to the operation and various processes, as well as to the crews and their […]

Barrick Gold Hemlo Autonomous Mucking Implementation

Barrick Gold: Hemlo

In the spring of 2017, Hemlo acquired the Atlas Copco S14 Autonomous Scoop. In August 2017, Hemlo commissioned the tele-remote functions of the scoop. Operators have been trained to run it from surface. ISSUE: Expanding the autonomous fleet (Hemlo already had automated trucking underground) required significant technological upgrades underground. Automation is seen as a potential […]

Atlas Copco Huddleboard Implementation

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco in North Bay, ON, worked with PACE to provide LEAN training to key personnel. Upon completion, the continuous improvement culture needed to be embedded and fostered through a means of effective communication. ISSUE: Atlas Copco required structure and methods to stay ahead of the competition and keep delivering excellent value to customers with […]

Eliminated Client Waitlist for Pregnant Women in Need

Monarch Recovery Services

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Roxanne Zuck, Program Supervisor, from Monarch Recovery Services, identified that the Pregnancy Parenting Outreach Program (PPOP) assessment process was taking a long time. Roxanne decided to take action in order to reduce the time it took to perform the assessment. By using Lean Green Belt tools, an informed problem statement was developed and […]